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(Left)Chris Patten , the last governor of Hong Kong (Right)Tung Chee Wa, the Chief Executive of HKSAR next to him is Ho Hau Wah,the Chief Executive of Macau


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“One Country, Two Systems,” a great theory to solve Hong Kong Issue


Hong Kong has beenl return to the motherland on July 1,which has always been the consist ant objective of the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China.

The late Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping created the theory of “One Country, Two Systems”. Which has helped successfully solve the issues related to the return of Hong Kong.

On December 19,1984,Chinese and British governments officially signed the Joint Declaration on Hong Kong issue, which stipulates that China will resume the exercise of its sovereignty over Hong Kong on July 1,1997,while the British government will hand over the island territory to the People’s Republic of China.

Hong Kong’s return marks an end to both British colonial rules over the island and the national humiliation of the Chinese people. Hong Kong has been take on a new look after its return and bern more prosperous and vigorous.